Sunset District

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

el-aye-zee said: Answer this with ten random facts about yourself then pass it on to your ten favourite followers! 💕



Oh jeeze

1. I’m in the process of growing out locs and I’m terrified that they won’t get longer lol

2. Huge Arsenal fan, that’s a soccer team in England. Love them as much as I do and I’ll love you. Also you must hate Tottenham and Chelsea

3. I’ve weighed about 157 pounds for like the past 5 years

4. I’m a hugeeee nerd

5. My Favorite Pokemon is a tie between Treecko and Elekid, can’t decide between the two.

6. I’m terrible at hiding my feelings, at least I think I am

7. I’m currently watching VSauce videos they’re freaking awesome and hella science-y I love it,


8. I hate racists

9. I love pizza

10. I’m worried I didn’t give out cool enough facts about myself lol

I don’t wanna message 10 people so I’ll just tag some of them so they can do this

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ele-kid invited me to answer this with ten random facts about yourself then pass it on to ten followers! I’m doing this because it’s random.

1. I cook everyday & cook at least one new recipe a week.

2. I became a vegetarian when I was 14 because I had a spiritual experience with a cow.

3. My favorite tennis shoes glow in the dark.

4. I silently judge people quickly by accents, volume of voices, posture…and I observe if they behave “animated” or real. I feel like I know someone within seconds.

5. People always ask me about my cultural background…
Here is the magic formula that made me: 80% Cherokee Indian, 10% Irish and 10% German.

6. There were countless medicine men and women in my family history.

7. I have a decorative box full of journals in my bedroom. I use them all for different reasons…for example, one is purple and furry with eyeballs on it. It’s my monster journal-used for venting.

8. I played a LOT of Super Nintendo, Atari, Nintendo, and Playstation as a kid.

9. I can’t imagine life without good people, music, coffee, hot tea and mountains!

10. I once picked up a random hippie hitchhiker.

I choose these peeps to respond by listing 10 random facts about yo bad selves!!! Ok GO sarah—monster pussyfootinaround theyellowbirds thedaintysquid birkenstockbae cannabiscuit-tin filthy-hippie-vibes whitewinter-hymnal sunsetdistrict

Ususually don’t do these, but what the heck. I’ll put a spin on it and list five charities I think are worth checking out.

1.  I’ve played drums for 14 years now but ever since I moved to SF I haven’t been able to practice, makes me sad.

2. I started collecting vinyl before I even had a record player (makes no sense).

3. I’ve never been west of Colorado in the United States; I have been to England and France though. It’s too bad it costs money to travel.

4. I hate how disconnected our society has become, yet I find myself on the interwebs way too often.

5. I lose/misplace things like nobody’s business. I’ve lost at least 5 driver’s licenses/ID’S over the years and lost two phones in the first month of moving to SF.

6. I read Yahoo! articles all the time but get infuriated when I read the comments sections. (Seriously, if someone has a viable alternative to Yahoo, please message me).

7. Here are four charities worth checking out:




Leaving the cool confines of San Francisco for the warm city of LA tonight; FYF in two days!